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The Council for Socio Economic Benevolent Action SEBA is an non profit making non political and non religious organisation, formed by a group of young and experienced professionals drawn from various trade and sector of the society, with a common desire to make meaningful contribution to the society, bearing IGR Registration no-22006 / 184, of 2004-2005, District Registration No-5918-424 of 1996-1997, and FCRA Rgn No-104990046. W orking in Orissa since April 1994 with the aim for improving all round development of the society by focusing on Health, Education and development of Socio Economic standard of the people. Focusing on the problem of global warming and consequences there of such as short fall in Agriculture, scarcity of water, the organisation works for improvement of surface and ground water management, as well as improvement in Education, Health & Socio Economic situation. SEBA has taken an integrated innovative approach to solve the problems. 'SEBA' has sufficient number of experienced and well qualified staff and strong group of committed volunteers to execute the various developmental projects.

Socio economic benevolent action(SEBA) is a Non-Profit Organization for improving all round development of the soceity by focusing on Health,Education and development
of socio economic standard of the people.

At- Walliganj

Po- Bhanjpur





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